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Monday, June 22, 2009

Lexi's False Pregnancy...CRAZy!!

Ok, maybe ya'll are in the loop about this.....but I am not! My dog, Lexi, is having a false pregnancy. I know, crazy, huh!? I have never in my 27 years of life heard of such a weird thing, but we are now experiencing it at the Walker household. I feel so bad for her. It is so sad.

She started Monday night after an allergy shot, which she has had before. Monday night she began whining for no reason and panting even though she wasn't hot. She was also whining and looking around as if she had lost something. My first thought was that she was having a reaction to the shot. I thought maybe they gave her too much. Since she does only weigh 7 pounds. So, Shannon called the vet and explained what was going on and the first thing the vet said was False Pregnancy. He said that the shot could have induced it, but that sounded like what she was having. He said there was really nothing we could do, but give her children Benadryl. We did this, but it only made her sleep...some. He also said that this could last up to 3 weeks. Well we're starting our 2nd and I am beginning to go insane! She whines constantly!!!

So on Tuesday, we really could see that she thought she had some missing babies. She has lots of toys and stuffed animals in a basket and she wanted them all dumped out so she could dig through them. Which, of course, she did not find what she was looking for. =(

So, today....a week from when it began, she carries around 5 little babies (as we call them) and acts as if they are her puppies. But she still whines because they are not REAL!!!

Please help!!!!


  1. My b/f/f's yorkie Molly did this several years ago. I had never heard of it either, but I see that she's not the only one. lol! How crazy is that?

  2. Camille's dog did the same thing!!!!She got her fixed so that she would not have to go through it again!!!! It is pitiful!!!!

  3. Yes!! We are getting her fixed next week. It is so sad!

  4. Hey Nicole! My yorkie was the one Amy was talking about..... we went through the same thing! It is NUTS! My sister also has a small dog and she goes through it about twice a year.