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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So, today did not have a very fun start! We started out at the Ped's East with Kylee's 1 year visit. Oh my!!! It was awful! She had to get her shots and her finger pricked! The finger prick went well. She thought it was so amazing to have a band-aid on her finger. But, then came the was so sad. Anna and I were about to cry for her. I have never wanted to cry at an appointment until today. She just looked like it was the worst thing ever and screamed and screamed!! We even gave her a sucker afterwards, but that did not work! All she wanted was her bottle! (Now, please tell me how I am supposed to get her off that thing!??)

After all that was over, we went to O' Charleys for some yummy potato soup. That made everything better!!! And we also did a little shopping, which made everything A LOT better! =)

Here is Kylee at O'Charleys....not sure what she's doing!!


  1. Girl Maci is almost 10 months old and still takes 4 bottles a day :( Her doctor told me to move her to 3 a day and don't give her oatmeal cereal anymore just give her cheerios....Well since I have started doing that she doesn't sleep but 2-4 hours at night and wakes up for a bottle in the middle of the night...ugh I think I am going to put her back on her oatmeal because it is killing me not getting atleast 5 hours of sleep a night. I hope Kylee feels better today.

  2. Yes, you've got to have your sleep!! =) Kylee is teething so she's not sleeping much either. The joys of motherhood! =)