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Monday, October 5, 2009

Late Night Randomness....

I'm on Fall Break this week. It has been great so far and it's only Monday! I've got a busy week ahead though.
Wednesday we're going to the zoo. Kylee is going for the very 1st time. I hope the weather is nice. Thursday we're getting Kylee's one year pics made with EPC Photography. I hope the weather is nice for that, also! I am very excited. I hope Kylee is in the mood for pics that day! =) Friday is cleaning day! (Yuck!) Anna is keeping the princess while I clean this nasty house!!! And Saturday is Kelly's Kids Party and football. This week is going to fly by with all the stuff I have to do!

I am a little behind, but I'm making Shannon get my fall stuff down tomorrow. I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to put out with Kylee around now. She is into everything! So, I think I'll just put a few non-breakable things out this year!

Kylee is in need of shoes! Does anyone know where I can get some at a not so expensive price?? I ordered her 2 pair this weekend. One pair is pink and the other is orange with white polka dots (I can't imagine why??). Both are squeakers! Click here to see the pink ones and here to see the orange ones! Hopefully these will be in before Thursday to wear in her pics. It's hard to find shoes to fit this little girl. Her foot is short, but a little chubby on top so I have to buy a bigger size!!

I just started selling Kelly's Kids and I am super excited about it!! It has some of the cutest outfits for boys and girls. I can't wait to have my 1st party. It's this Saturday. I can't wait to have some girl time, gossip, and a little shopping!! Click below to check out the website.

Ok, I think I've talked enough.....
Here is what I worked on today!

Have a good night!!! =)~

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  1. Rylee had short thick feet and the Pedipeds were what I found worked the best for her! They're so cute too! Love the pics with the birthday cake!