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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halloween is quickly approaching...

and I don't have a clue to what Miss Kylee is going to be. I can't decide between sqiggly piggy, a buzzing bee, a fairy princess, and Minnie Mouse. They are all super cute and it's just way to hard for me to pick just one! Last year I didn't have this problem. Since she was preemie she was only a month old at Halloween and way too little to wear any costume. Oh how I wish she could just pick for herself or that someone would decide for me! Decisions, decisions!!

Here they are. Take a look. Maybe you can decide!



  1. I love the Minnie Mouse! Minnie Mouse is soo classic! Jon Harris was Mickey Mouse his first "real" Halloween. I loved it! Oh yea! Disney usually puts their costumes on sale in October. You can get them half off.

  2. I agree! The minnie mouse is so cute! That is always one of my favs for a girl! I think Kase is going to be a skunk!