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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My new addictions

I have 2 new addictions...Picasa and Google Earth! They are both the most awesome ever!!!

I love using Picasa with my pictures. This program makes everything so easy and cute! I just printed pictures for my class and each of them had their names on them in a cute little font. Yes, I could do this with my camera software, but something about this is different. (I know, I'm crazy!) With Picasa, you can also choose pics and make collages out of them. It is so cool!!!! Of course, my first collage was of Kylee and it was the most adorable thing ever!!!

Google Earth was introduced to me by my brother-n-law, Matt. He mentioned it this weekend when he was home and of course I had to try it out. If you haven't, try it! You can see any place in the world and zoom in on it. I found my house and several other places. You can also get a street view of places, see vehicles going down the road, see street signs, and even see people walking down the road. Of course, this isn't live, but it seems like it is!! You can also get the weather around the world, see if it's still daylight in places, and it shows all the time zones. I know, I sound like a complete nerd, but it is fabulous!!!

Check both of these out. I just Googled Picasa and Google Earth and downloaded both for free. Isn't technology sweet!!!

As for my other addiction...Kylee, she is doing great! She will be a year in less than a month!! I can't believe it! Were planning her a princess party because that's exactly what she is!!!

Happy Hump Day! =)

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