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Friday, October 9, 2009

Show Us your Life - Tailgates and fav teams

Kelly's Korner (a awesome blog I follow) hosts Show Us Your Life every Friday. This Friday is all about football! So of course, I have to show off my VOLS!!!!

I love watching the TN games in front of the TV or inside the stadium. UT football is the BEST!!! When they run through the T it gives me chills and almost brings a tear to my eye. That's when you know you're a true fan!

I have been a Vols fan for my whole life. My dad got me started at a very young age and I plan on doing the same for Kylee. Although, her daddy likes Bama, I still hope she'll side with mommy and wear orange!!!

TN has had it rough the past few years. I hate to say it.....but the BIG ORANGE needs something....and I think every TN fan knows what it is! I think they'll come around in the next few years and be back on top of the SEC. But, it doesn't matter how good of a season they're having, I am still yelling my heart out for the BIG ORANGE!!!!

This is Kylee dressed to a "T" (ha...get it!!) for a TN game with me, her G Daddy, and her Annie.

Kylee wearing her UT socks for her 1st big game!!!

This is me preggo with Lexi. We are both decked out in our orange!

I even get the kids at school to root for the big orange!!! Me and one of my students last year.



  1. I just scrolled thru Kelly's to see who mentioned UT...they definitely need 'something' but we're like you...we just keep on rooting for them to win. There's nothing like a game in Neyland Stadium. My husband had never been to a professional game when we first got married and a friend took him to a Redskins game. They have some crazy fans but he didn't think it compared at all to a game in Neyland stadium.

    I lived in Tenn when we got married (hubs is from Knoxville)...been away many years, including overseas, but we still watched many a game in England at some crazy hour of the night when they aired random college football games.

    Your little girl is cute : )

  2. You are right!! Nothing like a game at Neyland Stadium! I forced my hubs to go one year (you know he's the Bama fan) and he thought it was the best thing ever!! So, even if you're not a fan, you should go to Neyland Stadium once in your life. It will be a great football experience!!!

  3. I found you through the show us your life post. I am currently a student at Tennessee. What lovely pictures. I bleed orange!
    Go Vols.

  4. Where did you get the shirt you have on in the picture with your student? It is SO CUTE!

  5. Hey! I am here from Kelly's Korner. I also scrolled through to find people who mentioned Vols! I love your little girl's Tennessee outfit and the shirt you are wearing with your student! Too cute!

  6. Kylee's UT dress came from Cracker Barrel and mine I'm not sure about. It was a gift.


  7. Hey! So glad to find another Vols fan! I think we used to teach at the same school!
    Have a great weekend! Michelle

  8. So cute!! Love all of the orange!

  9. Yay!! Another Vol for life! My husband and I have season tickets and he is DIE HARD VOL!!!! Good game today!