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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do a little dance....

SNOW DANCE, that is!!! We all did it yesterday at school and last night at home and by golly, I think it worked!!! =) We didn't get much, but it was enough to give us teachers and students a lazy day off. I was thrilled at 4 in the morning when I woke up to go potty and peeped out the window to see that wonderful white stuff falling down!!! I didn't get to, to excited at first b/c it wasn't THAT much so I turned on good ole channel 5 and there it was at the bottom of the screen...."TIPTON COUNTY SCHOOLS- CLOSED!!!" Yea!!!! I then turned the alarm off and quickly jumped right back in the bed! Thank goodness for back roads!!! (Wonder if we can get by with another day tomorrow...????)

I feel like a horrible mother because we didn't even go out in the snow this morning for a picture! It is so super cold and since it wasn't much, I felt that it would be okay to miss this snow. Is that so bad?? Kylee has already had her 1st snow. The first wasn't so much, but the 2nd she had was a flippin' blizzard!!! That was back last Feb. and we've got a ton of pics, so I figure I'll wait around for the next good snow and take some more then. But we do live in TN, so I may be waiting awhile.....

Today, on our snow day, we have done absolutely nothing!!! I love doing nothing. It rocks!!!

Since I didn't get any snow pics, here are a few of my princess.


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