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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Girl Time

So, this week, Shannon has been gone for work and Kylee, Lexi, and I have had the house to ourselves. It's been nice, just us girls, but I have missed him dearly and I am definitely ready for him to be back!!

Us girls have done it all. We've danced, sang, read books, played outside, shopped, and mani/pedis! When I say us girls, I pretty much mean, me and Kylee. Lexi is a girl, but she doesn't really like some of those things. She would rather sleep!!

Speaking of sleep....both of my girls are now out so I am blogging, facebooking, and about to catch up with the DVR. Now for some MOMMA TIME!!!!

I hope everyone had a happy Hump Day!! I know we have! =)


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