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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Terrible Twos....

Gosh, I hope that's what this is!!!

My sweet little angel, that used to not do anything wrong, now is going through a phase.....We're going to say it's a phase, because I hope it's just a phase!

She is as hard headed and head strong as they come!  Our main issue right now is hitting and kicking.  She hits more than kicks, but will hit when she's mad or when she doesn't want someone to touch her.  I HATE THIS!!!!  Before Kylee, I hated when I saw parents that "let" their children hit them.  But I don't let her....I spank, timeout, whatever I can do at the time for punishment, but I am telling you, NOTHING bothers her!!!  Usually if I spank and tell her no, she stops for the moment, but 5 minutes later if someone comes up to her to talk, she's back at it again.  What to do???

The kicking mainly occurs when she doesn't want to do something, like put on her shoes or diaper or clothes.....I HATE THIS!!!!  This is ALWAYS  an automatic spanking.  It does work for that time and of course she yells and screams, but we can get the job done.  But this is quite embarrassing in public!  So I guess why I am venting is to ask, when will all this stop????  and when will I just be able to look at her and say I'm going to spank if you don't stop!!???

You would think I would know this...I am a kindergarten kids listen to me at come my 20 month old won't?!  


I know it will get better and this is a stage, but I am VERY IMPATIENT!!!!

Anyway.....I hope you all are having a great week!!!  I'll end on a happy note....a pic of my sweet little angel!!! =)


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