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Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Review

We had a great weekend!!

Friday night we kind of had a lazy night.....went out to eat and had family time.  It was nice to go out, just the 3 of us, and then come home and be lazy.  It seems like lately we have been, go, go, go.  So, it was nice to chillax.

Saturday, we had a busy day.  1st we had to take LuLu to the vet and boy was it stressful!  She had to get her allergy shot and her nails clipped.  You would think we were trying to KILL her!  She did pretty good for the shot, but I guess that was about all she could take b/c when the vet tried to clip the 1st nail, she bit him!  And she drew blood!!!!  EEEKKK!  My LuLu doesn't bite and draw blood!!  Usually when she bites, which is hardly NEVER, she will stop and not really bite hard.  Well not this time.....this time she was pissed!  Needless to say after that, she had to have a muzzle and be taken in the back.  =(  POOR LULU!

After that, the day got better.  We got to go to Karoline's 1st birthday party.  It was fun.  Kylee had a blast playing with K and all her new toys.  Aunt Kim even put up the bouncy for the girls.  It is so much fun watching our girls play when Kim and I grew up together.  I am glad our girls can be friends from day 1.

Today, Kylee spent the day with her G Daddy while Shannon and I cleaned.  We cleaned the kitchen from ceiling to floor.  We even cleaned about the cabinets!  I'm not sure what got into us, but I'm glad we got it done!
Now, 4 days til LAKE TIME.  
I am super ready to chill at the lake for the 4th.  Fun times with my dad, Jen, Annie, Shannon, Kylee, and the Tillman's and whoever else would like to come along!

Happy Sunday!
Have a great week!!


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