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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Fun

We have been having so much fun in this cooler weather!  It still not way cool, but let me tell you it's WAY COOLER!

I was on Fall Break last week and we had a super big week!  We went to 2 pumpkin patches, the zoo, and had a wedding!  Kylee got to have some fun with her friends, have some momma time, and dress up like a princess.  

The pumpkin patch(es) were great!  We had a blast!  The 1st one we went to was in Ripley.  It is called Pumpkins, Pines, and Ponds.  There, we played in the hay looking for spider rings, heard a story about a scarecrow, went through a corn maze, went on a hayride, and feed goats and a DEER!

At the 2nd pumpkin patch, Donnell Century Farms, we got to sell veges at the farmers market, milk a cow, touch the baby goats, see all sorts of farm animals, play in corn and cotton, and play on the fun playground!  There was also a corn maze and hayride, but we didn't do those.  This pumpkin patch is in Jackson.  It is the BEST one I have been to, EVER!!!!

The zoo was also a fun trip.  It was a little crazy, because Kylee was in some kind of mood!  She wanted me to hold her the entire time, which was very tiring!  But we worked it out and had a FUN time!!  We went with the The Byrd Fam, The Tillman Fam, The Burnham Fam, and my little cousin Molli.

Next on our Fall Break list was my step-bro's wedding.  Jacob and Jamie have been dating FOREVER! and finally decided to tie the knot!  It was such a cute and simple wedding!  I loved it!  The wedding was in this little white church.  It was actually the church where part of the movie, Walk the Line, was filmed! We had lots of fun at the wedding and reception.  Kylee had the most fun, dancing the night away!!

I love making these special memories with my family.  We have such a good time!

Enjoy this perfect weather with your family!


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