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Monday, January 17, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

So this has been one heck of a weekend!
It began on Friday with Kylee throwing up everywhere....we think she had the stomach bug.  Poor baby!  This was her 1st REAL time to get sick.  I think that's pretty good considering she's 2.

Saturday was pretty normal.  She felt better, didn't get sick any and was acting completely normal.  So, Shannon and I had date night and let her stay at Momma T's.  We ate at Red Lobster and it was delish!!
We had the Choose 3 meal with Cajun Shrimp Pasta, Fried Shrimp, Grilled Shrimp, loaded mashed potatoes, salad, and of course, Cheddar Bay Biscuits!

Then for was a pretty normal day.  We had lunch in Jackson with my brother and sister-n-law, Shannon's parents, and my sister-n-law's parents.  We ate at Red Robin.  We had never eaten there, but it was very yummy.  I had the BBQ Grilled Chicken Wrap and Shannon got a burger and Kylee had cheese pizza.

The day was normal until we got home......
We left LuLu at T's house while we went to eat and when we got home we realized she had eaten almost a whole bag of Hershey Kisses AND a whole KING SIZE Twix bar!!!!  Keep in mind that she is a little chihuahua AND chocolate can be poisonous to dogs!  She has been fine, but her belly is HUGE!!!  No lie, she looks like she's 10 pounds bigger than she was when we left her there.  She has always been that way if she eats a lot you can tell since she's so little, but I'm beginning to get worried since she still looks that way!!  I may be calling the vet today......and please pray for my dog....she's my other baby!!!!

Then to top it off.......
Kylee woke up at 3 am this morning throwing up AGAIN!!!  What is going on!?  I don't know if she just didn't get over it from Friday and it's back or what!  She's perfectly fine's the strangest thing!!!

So today, on this Manic Monday, I'm trying to make it as normal as possible.  We're being lazy on my day off and hoping she will be better soon. Please pray that she is!!!!


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