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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So tomorrow is my little princess's LAST day of preschool for the summer! I can not believe it! It has flown by! At first she hated it but now she loves it! I am ready for my last day so we can spend the summer together. This will be our last summer to spend alone before Baby Walker is here.
Speaking of Baby Walker..... Had my 10 week checkup last Friday. Everything was good. I Got to hear the baby's heartbeat!! It was 174 beats per minute. That's high, huh? Maybe another girl??? Well see. I'll be happy either way!
This weekend, we're heading to the lake for the 1st time and it could be the last..... :( dad is selling his boat, brought the rv home, and buying a condo in Florida! Sad about rv and boat but super thrilled about the condo!! I can not wait!!!! So anyway.... This Big girl is heading to the lake with white and fat legs! I mean it is awful! Guess I shouldn't have been drinking all those cokes!? Shannon tries to make me feel better by saying "well you're pregnant!" I said yeah but not in my legs! I'm only 10 weeks! I can't imagine what I'll look like at 36! #fatgirlproblems
We're gonna have a blast anyway....even if I do scare people Away!
We only have 11 1/2 days left of school left! It feels awesome to know I have to entire summer off and can be lazy!!!

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