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Monday, October 1, 2012

How ya weekend was..??!!

We had a great weekend except for the part that my hubby was MIA for the most part. He and a few friends went to the Bama, Ole miss game. So he was gone for the majority of the day Saturday. But that gave me and Kylee some time to spend together!

What do girls do when they get some girl time??? Go shopping of course! She had bday money to spend! I was so proud because she used all of her money on new fall clothes. She loves clothes and to shop!

We went shopping early Saturday so we could get back in time for the TN game. I have mixed emotions about that game.....well it sucked because they lost but at least they played a good game and kept it close. They even came back to almost win!! I don't think anyone thought that would almost happen! Im glad they were able to hang with a top 10 SEC team. That proved a lot!

Tonight was the highlight of my weekend though! My princess finally learned how to write her name!!! Super excited!! We have been working on it and she's known K but she would always get frustrated and want to quit so we would never keep on with the rest of it. But tonight she was in the mood! It took me less than 10 minutes to teach her how to write it! Sooooo proud of her!

Hope you enjoy your week! I know I will because its the week before fall break!! Woo hoo!!!!


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