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Monday, October 8, 2012

Start to fall break!

Happy Fall Break people!! I am so excited to have the entire week off with my girl! Although its been a rough beginning, we plan on making the best of the rest of the week!

We started the weekend with a yard sale and made a little cash! We made enough to pay ourselves back for the stroller and Carseat we bought for Brennan and to buy an extra pack n play. We were also fortunate enough to get a free pack n play from my friend Amanda! Free is always good!!! She also gave me 4 BIG bags of boys clothes!!! I am thankful for awesome friends!!

Shortly after the yard sale, kylee got sick. She started coughing and running a high fever. We took her to the doc and they tested her for strep but it was negative. So they treated it as a viral infection. Don't you love how anytime they don't know exactly what it is or anytime you take them to the doc for that matter, it's viral!?! I hate it! Wasted co pay, wasted gas, and wasted time! But I guess I'll look on the bright least we know its not strep!

Not only is my princess sick, my dog Princess has a hurt leg! She started limping a little on Saturday so today I took her to the vet. She has a pulled ligament in her leg and popped her knee out of place! Aaaaahhhh hopefully the meds will make her all better but if not were looking at a torn ligament and surgery! OMG!! She was more expensive than kylee at the doc!!!

But it's only Monday and everyone is starting to heal or at least on meds so at least we have the rest of fall break to have some fun! We don't have much planned, but some momma/kylee time! These are the best breaks!!

Ill leave you with some pics! The funniest is the drawing kylee drew of our grandad....she even included his hearing aids! Lol

Happy Fall Y'all!

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