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Monday, November 5, 2012

All my bags are packed.... I'm ready to go!

To the hospital that is!!!

I have 4 weeks left in this pregnancy and I am beyond ready to meet my sweet little monkey! I am not used to all this stuff that comes along with the "end" of a pregnancy since kylee was 6 weeks early. I didn't have time to panic, pack, shave, or do anything!!!! This time I am planning, panicking, packing, and shaving! Lol All of that and I probably still won't be ready!!

As for Brennan, he is good. Growing like he should and ready. We just have 4 weeks to pack on some weight and get this show on the road! I'm hoping for an earlier delivery and found out today that that just may happen....but not getting my hopes up for sure!

As for me, I'm as big as a house and super tired! We still haven't thought of a middle name...... Our main choices are Brennan Thomas (after maiden name), Brennan ray (after my hubby), or Brennan Matthew (after my dad). We just can't decide! Help please!!

Here's to meeting my little monkey soon!

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