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Thursday, January 3, 2013

iphone pics

I have tons of pictures on my phone that I never get developed.  But the other day, I was using my Walgreens app for something and decided to try and get some developed.  I wasn't sure how they'd turn out since I had never done it.  They turned out great!!  But here's the thing.....I don't do anything with those pics UNLESS I put them in a frame.  But, you can only have so many frames!  So, I usually just create a picture book using some type of photo site.  Some I like to use are Mixbook, Shutterfly, and Snapfish.  You can also upload pictures and make books at Walgreens and Walmart.  These are ALWAYS super cute!  I have started making them for each year that passes for my family.  I also made one for each of my kids to take the place of a regular scrapbook.  

But the other day, I came across something way cool!  It's an app on your phone called Mosaic.  It takes 20 of your iphone pictures and puts them in a small square book for just $20!  I used it to make a picture book of Brennan being born.  Not actual birth, but hospital pictures! =)  Not sure anyone would want to see that!!  The book is hardcover and seems to be very durable.  It's more simple than the other photo books you can make on the other sites, but for your phone pics, it's just right!  I was very pleased and will be making more in the future.  Here is a glimpse of mine....


Hope you enjoy yours!
Happy Thursday!!!!

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