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Friday, January 25, 2013

my week via iPhone

Sorry I haven't blogged much this week. I think I'm soaking up all my time at home since I will return to work in 2 weeks!! Gah!! Too soon! I do miss my kiddos, but I'm scared I'll miss my real kiddos too much when I go back! But I only have about 3 months left once I go back. I can make it right?? Hurry summer!!!!

I've spent the entire week washing clothes and cleaning. Yes it takes me the whole week! It seems like I get it clean and someone or 2 someones seem to make a mess again! Hmmm not sure who they are or how that happens. It's strange really.

This week I decided to become a Thirty One consultant! I am so excited!! Go visit my website to see all of the adorable new spring products!

Before I start my journey as a consultant I am hosting a party for a friend to see what it's all about and gets some helpful hints. Tonight is my party and I'm excited to see other adults and have some fun!

Here's the way I spent the rest of my week in pics....

Happy Friday people!

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