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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New apps

I recently came across 2 new apps that I think are pretty cool.

The first is a shopping app where you can earn cash back on certain products! Make money shopping?? I'm game! It's called ibotta. Before you head out to shop for groceries, just open the app and check out the products. You can complete different tasks to earn cash back. Once you've purchased the items you just snap a picture of your receipt. Then the money that you've earned is paid out to you through your Paypal account! It's that easy! I haven't actually tried it yet but I have added products to my shopping list so I'm ready the next time I go shopping! Follow this link to check it out!

Sign up for Ibotta here:

I can't wait to use it next time I shop!!

The next app is called next issue. This is a paid app ($9.99 a month) but right now you can get a free trail for a month. With next issue, you have access to many, many magazines without having a subscription to each of them! Some mags include.....Cosmo, Self, Fitness, Better Homes & Garden, Family Fun, etc. if you like magazines like I do, you will love this app. The only negative is that next issue is only available on he ipad right now.

Check them out!!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog! I shall follow you back now :)

    Also, is that money making app for real?? How much have you made?

  2. Also, check out my blog today for a shoutout!