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Monday, January 21, 2013

Not Much Goin On Weekend

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There wasn't much going on at the Walker House this past weekend.  We were lazy for most of it.  I haven't cleaned a bit.....something I'm trying to get motivated to do today.......

Hope I don't bore you to death, but here goes! =)

Friday night, probably the highlight of my weekend, was spent shopping with my girl, Amanda.  We both recently had babies so a GNO was just what the doctor ordered.  We did a little shopping and had dinner at Chili's (my fav) and of course strawberry margartias (also my fav).
Shannon kept the kids....BOTH kids....for the 1st time!  He did great!  Although, they weer both asleep by not fair!

Saturday, I finally got my hair did!!  It was a hot mess!  Now much cuter and much more blonde!  LOVES!  Thanks Courtney!!

Saturday night, my princess, spent the night with my mom for the 1st time.  She had a blast!  But woke my mom up at 5am wanting to go to Breakfast Cove for pannicakes!  And of course, she took her!!

I got to spend some QT with this little man....
Isn't he the most precious baby you've ever seen!!??

Well, I think so!

As for Sunday, we had lunch at my Grannies and spent the afternoon doing absolutely nothing!  
It.  Was.. Awesome!

Sorry, about the not so eventful weekend....maybe next weekend will be more entertaining!  

How was your weekend??

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