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Monday, January 7, 2013

Our day

Today I forgot to set my alarm and we slept late and Ky got to skip school! Lucky girl! Usually when she's home I don't get much accomplished around the house, but today she was a big help! We got the new curtains hung and even hung a few pictures. No I don't have any pictures hung yet... I've only been in this house for like 6 months! Lol.... Don't worry I didn't finish! Hehe. We even made time to work out!
I am treasuring this last month that I have off with my babies! I know it's going to fly by and I'll be back at work. My little princess has been pushing me to my limit these past few days though! She is so sweet, yet so rotten! She thinks she is the 30 year old and not me! Lets hope this is another phase that she'll grow out of!
Now as for Brennan, he's as sweet as can be..... For now! He is his daddy's child!

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