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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday!

This summer is really flying by!  I think I say that everyday but it really is!!  

I started the day by organizing all of this. 
And that's only part of it!  This is all of the stuff from my old classroom. It is stacked and stacked with crates, boxes, and tubs!  There are files, board games, flash cards, Legos, books, and more and more!  I am changing grade levels and schools so I want to start fresh and purge a lot of my old stuff. It's always good to do that and I haven't gotten rid of much over the past 8 years of teaching!  Wish me luck!  Wonder if I can have this done by August!?!

This rest of the day was spent running around town and playing with my kiddos. I love summer break!!  Have I mentioned that lately??!

She loves doing her "school stuff"!  Hope this trend continues. 

Walmart and B's first time sitting in the cart!  Growing too fast!

I'm off to enjoy some momma time!  It's quiet at the Walker house....think I'll take advantage. 


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