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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Play date!

We have had a terrific Tuesday!  I LOVE summer!!!!  Too bad it's flying by!!

Today was our friend Karoline's birthday. She turned 4. We had a little get together for her since her party was Saturday. The kids swam and played on the water slide. They had a BLAST!!  
These kids are like family. We are all so close. It's funny because our older babies are all close in age and then the babies are close, super close!  We have May, June, then November! 
I am so blessed to have a close group of girlfriends with kids the same age as mine. I feel like and hope that they will continue to grow up together and stay close. As you can see from the pics, we have only one boy in the older group and one boy in the younger group. Talk about Mack daddys! Hehe!!   
(We are missing one family.. The Burnham's. They had an appointment and weren't there for pics! )

Back to the play date....
The kids had so much fun!  Kylee got a little too much sun and so did I, but that's ok we're preparing for Florida!  They slipped and slid all day and had hotdogs and cake for lunch. Perfect day!  Happy birthday K!!

In other news....
B is really sitting up well by himself now!  I can pretty much leave him sitting and know he's not just going to flip backwards or to the side. He'll just sit and play. He's growing up!  
Today he had his first nilla wafer. He tore it up!!  

Just wanted to remind everyone that the thirty one sell for June is spend $35 and get the large utility tote for $10. (It is on the left in the pic.). I have 4 and use them for everything. My main use is for traveling or a beach bag. If you get one, I promise you'll love it!!
This was the back of my ride today going to play!  Large utility tote on left and party thermal on right!
 Don't you love the flip flop print!?  If so, you better think fast. The flip flop is only available in the LUT for the month of June!!

Well the kiddos are asleep so I am about to have some momma time and watch pretty little liars!! 


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