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Monday, October 28, 2013

Good Southern Rivalry!

Tennessee versus Alabama.

3rd Saturday in October.

Elephant versus Smoky.

The Tide versus the Big orange.

Best. Game. Ever.

Well normally a pretty good game, but if you live in the south and watch SEC football then you know that the past few years have been down for TN and sad to say, up for Bama. But that's all about to change and the tradition of one of the best rivalry games in football will be back and worth watching. That's because TN now has a coach. A good coach. And we are heading up! #BrickByBrick. Heading up!

Most people probably didn't watch the game on Saturday or if they did they were a huge Bama fan or die hard TN fan and they may have changed it half way in. Well that's us in our house. But our house is split.... One huge TN fan and one huge Bama fan. We watched it and we didn't change the channel. It was tough to watch for me, but I hung in there. Now as for my hubs.....well he had a smile on his face the whole game. Although, I do give him credit. He didn't rub it in too much. He was scared to!

So anyway, this weekend was a mess, but next year it's on!! And one of the biggest rivalries will be back!! And if Butch and his team play their cards right, the big orange just might pull off an upset!

We've started a tradition in our house. It began last year when I had a cute idea for a pic on, you guessed it, the 3rd Saturday in October. It looked a little like this.


And this year, since Bren is here, we decided to do another.


I think they're super cute and well have to continue them every year! It will be cool to see which side ky and Bren finally decide to team up with when they can really decide for themselves! The Big Orange or the Elephants!!

I hope your week is a touchdown!



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