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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turning one!!

So, my baby turned one!

Image I know we always say this, but it's true!  "THIS TIME REALLY FLEW BY!"  It really, really does!  He was just born, like yesterday, and now almost walking around!!


So, what's up with you B?

Birthday: November 19

Weight: 20 lbs

Height:  Bad momma and not sure

Walking status:  ALMOST there!  You took a few steps over Thanksgiving Break, but would much rather crawl right now and I'm ok with that.  I think you're going to get in to soooo much stuff once you start walking!! =)


Eye Color: It has changed from your birth color of blue to hazel.  I think it's very pretty and it changes with what you are wearing

Hair Color: Blondie

Words:  You are constantly saying "Da" (you even call me that!!  You can say momma, just won't much!!).  You can also say "Thank You", "T" for Momma T, "Bye", "Dog", and you try hard to say "Lou" (for our dog) and "Sissy"

Favorite Toy:  You absolutely love your new Thomas Train that Grandma got you for your birthday and you love any kind of ball or truck/car!

Favorite Food:  Nilla Wafers, cheese, any kind of bread, bananas, and crackers

Favorite Drink:  Well, sweet tea, of course!!  Daddy hates it, but.....


So that's what's up with you!  You're growing too fast and exciting us every day!!  We love you so much!  I am so happy that our family has a baby boy and girl and you and your sissy can grow up together, taking up for each other and fighting like crazy!  We definitely have an adventure ahead!!!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving blog world and Happy Christmas decorating everyone!!



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