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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Post #2

We waited until after Christmas to do gifts with Shannon's side of the fam because his brother lives out of town. They wanted to spend time there for our little nephew's very first Christmas. So we were super excited when they finally made it to see us!

20140101-222005.jpg. Although, we did just see them at Thanksgiving, but it seems like forever! Don't you just love the pic of the boys??! So cute!

So back to Christmas.....
Kylee got a super huge gift from her T and Pop Pop.


She was so excited and had no idea!! We even picked it up with her in the truck about a month ago and she had no clue!!


She has ridden it so much since Christmas! She's even went through some mud! And if you know my child, she doesn't like mud!! So since T and Pop knew she'd be getting dirty they bought her some coveralls!! An of course they had to get B some matching ones!!!


They also have the matching John Deere boots, too!!! Of course, Mason got some, too, but I didn't get a picture.

Well that's the last of Christmas. We had a great one, that's for sure!! Shannon and I got mainly money, which we're spending on house stuff...old, aren't we?! Funny how things change from year to year!

Since I'm late on my last Christmas post, I'll be late on my New Years post too! But until then... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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