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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2014!!


I know I will forget this 1000 times writing checks and doing calendar time at school! lol  It will take my until at least February to get used to it.  And to think in the year 2000, some people thought the world was going to end!! UGH! And to think I graduated in 2000!  Wow!  That was forever ago!

We rang in the New Year at home...kiddos it was just me and the hubs and we were out not too long after the clock struck 12!  Old folks!

But before we rang it in, we spent the night hanging out with friends and the kids at Amanda and Brantley's house.  We had lots of food, fun, and fireworks.  It is fun to get the kids together and in all it's 8 of them now!  4 big kids and 4 little ones!  Fun times!!

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I feel we better cherish these moments with the kids, because before long it will be just the old folks!  The kids will be out with their friends, having their own New Year gatherings and hopefully making GOOD choices!

2014-01-03 09.29.40 2014-01-03 09.27.14

I didn't make a New Years Resolution this year because I always do and I don't stick to it.... =(

But we did promise ourselves that we're going to start eating more at home and eating better.  And when it warms up, we'll start walking again.  I did find this cool app and website called Tone It Up.  It is with two girls Katrina and Karena and now they have a series on Bravo. The first one aired last night and I love it!  Watch it or check out their website!!

2014-01-03 09.30.32

I have made it down to my pre pregnancy weight, so now for some toning up and that's exactly what these girls focus on. Of course, they have the cardio and all that, but they have lots of toning videos which are my fav.  They're quick and pretty easy...well kind of!!  But it's something I can do quickly in the morning or any other time.  Check it out!!

I hope you're having a super New Year!!  I am enjoying the last few days before we have to return to the real world with my babies.  I think I'll go cuddle up now with my princess!  B is still asleep!

xoxo - nicole

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