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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kylee Post

This post is just for my Kylee Belle. She is growing so much and being such a big girl at school. I just can't get over how growny she is! It's not fair that time passes so quickly!

She's doing great in kindergarten and loves Ms. Sarah. She has learned so much and is even reading! We are so proud!

Last week we a big week for Ky and AES. Monday we celebrated the 100th day of school! The kindergarteners dressed up like they were 100. Everyone was too cute!! Ky was a super cute "antique" lady.


Ky was the star of the week, too. She got to be the line leader and bring the class pet, Tatlock, home. He's not real. Thank goodness! He's a stuffed animal that the kids get to take home when they're the star. They carry it in a backpack with a journal so they can record his adventures. Very cute! Here are some shots from our week with Tatlock.






Friday was bounce house day. The kids got to go jump to celebrate AES reaching their goal for the school fundraiser. The kids had a blast!! Ky loves the bounce houses.


We had a snow day, or ice day, today that we are very thankful for. It was very nice to hang out at home with my babies. We had lots if fun. Too bad there wasn't any snow.

Xoxo- Nicole

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