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Saturday, February 8, 2014


So we finally got some snow last night! Kylee was so excited!!! I love snow, too and I always say if it's going to be cold it might as well snow!!

Snow is all kylee has been talking about since our first "snow day" when it wasn't really was cold weather! But she has been wanting snow and was so excited when it started last night! I'm glad she was still awake and able to go out in it.

This is what we woke up to this morning. I will admit. I was a little disappointed because I thought maybe it would have done more. Oh well! At least we got some!
B didn't really get out in the snow. He was still snoozing this morning and my dad came to get ky to play in it. They road the sled around the neighborhood. Or my dad pulled her!
After that, we went to T's house to ride the 4 wheeler. By then , most of the snow was melted, but we still had a blast! I have a video of ky spinning on the snow. I'll have to share later!

She really surprised me on this thing! She loves it! She gets muddy, wet, and will try anything her daddy tries!! Which is probably not a good thing!!! I'm in trouble!!!
Time to snuggle on the couch with B and Lu!! Enjoy your Saturday!

Now that the snow is done.....Here's to warmer weather!


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