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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Friday favorites

This week has been a big blur at school. We have had so much going on and next week will be just the same! But it's May. And I LOVE IT!!

My fav pics of the week come from Field Day. We had a blast and even won some events!!! It was also Ky's first field day! She won 2nd in the 50 yard dash for her class!!! Whoop! Whoop!!



THis pic is right after my class won at tug of war! This is by far my favorite picture ever from field day!! It's priceless!!


Only 4 1/2 days til SUMMER! So excited, but I will definitely miss my crazy firsties!! They have been the best group for my first year teaching first grade. They broke me in real good!!!! Love them!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

I know I will!!!! 😜

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