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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

B turns 2!

Yes my little man is 2!


We had his party with our BFFs daughter, Katherine because they are only 6 days apart. Might as well do this when they're little. And it turned out perfectly.


It was a Minnie/Jake party, which turned out to be very cute.


My mom made the cake, which I loved! She has way more patience than I do!


The kids had fun running around in the gym and playing with balls and riding toys. It was so simple, but perfect!

Since this party was not his actual birthday, we had the family over on his real birthday for taco soup, cookies, and cupcakes.


I Cant believe he's already 2. Both of my babies are growing up! B can talk so well now. He is speaking in complete sentences and you can pretty much always understand him! He makes me so proud! He is so funny and 100% all boy! We are going to have our hands full!!!


Til next time!


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