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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cold November

As I sit her watching the Florida/South Carolina game, I notice the fans in their short sleeve team shirts and I can't help but wonder what the temp Is there. Considering how it's been near freezing here and we even had some snow Thursday morning!


I mean it was barely anything, but still, SNOW! In Novemberrrrr! Is that a sign of a super cold winter?? Have I ever mentioned how much I hate cold weather?? I really do.....HATE it! I would much rather be hot and somewhere near water.

But I do enjoy snow. For a day or so. But if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow. But snow enough to do something in. The kids get all excited and then bummed out. So maybe all the almanacs, the weather men, and that fruit with spoons will be right about the snow. Maybe...

So, with the "dusting" of snow we had my kids at school were a little excited. We got a little work done and then this happened.....


Yep. Ms. Nicole got pies thrown at her. Luckily they are 6 and short. Most of the pie went on my garbage sack!


It was a lot of fun! My kids LOVED it!!


But maybe next time I can throw pies at them????!!!!

Yea probably not!


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