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Thursday, July 9, 2015 far

I can't believe it's already July!  Oh. Emmm. Geeee. That means school is right around the corner. Not cool. It seems like we just finished last school year!  Although, I'm ready to meet my new cuties, I'm not ready to give up my summer! Let's enjoy the rest of it while we can!!

So here's what's been going on so far in July. 

We started off the month with a bang!! 💥 literally. With a 4th of July celebration. 

This year we didn't make it to any water so we celebrated at a friend's house.  We cooked, shot fireworks, the kids played, and the adults reminisced. It was a good night!  

Good times!

Ky has been taking swimming lessons. She is doing so good!  She has been terrified of the deep end, but now can swim a bit in the deep end! 

I may or may not have used a little parent bribery....

If she swam in the deep end, K could spend the night. 

Hey, it worked!  

Love these two!

Glad for the summer off to make memories like these with my babies!


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