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Monday, November 23, 2015

3rd Birthday. #pulleditoff

Well another birthday in the books!  This time for my baby B. 

I was worried it would be a bust because this weekend was the first cold weekend of the year. It was the first FREEZE warning of the year!!  

He wanted a bouncy with a slide. That's all he had talked about...
and then the cold set in and the 20 mph winds came....and we had to cancel......

I don't think he cared at all!

He had his friends and gifts and cake!  

Didn't my mom do an awesome job on the cake?!  She always does so good!! She has way more patience with things like this. 

After the party, he told me it was the best birthday ever!  Mom win!

Thanks to everyone who came and who loves my baby!  We are so thankful for friends and family!  We are blessed to have a huge family and so many friends that are just like family in our lives!  

Here's to the next birthday!  


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