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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Break!

We had a wonderful break!  Sad it's almost over, but so glad that I'm a teacher and get this time off with my family and friends!  

The kids and I spent the most of our time at home this week. We played, put the Christmas tree up, watched movies, and made ornaments!  

Our ornaments turned out cute and we gifted them for grandparents!  I love homemade gifts!  So precious and the process makes such wonderful memories! 

Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, as well!  We always have a big time and eat lots of yummy food!! We start off at my grandmother's house, where my huge family gathers to hang out, catch up, and chow down!  We always have so much food!  I think I have gained 10 pounds since Thursday!

After we ate there, we had to come home and get ready for my husband's family to come over. I made the Mac and cheese. I used my grandmother's recipe for the first time and it was the bomb!  I was worried it wouldn't turn out that great because she's an awesome cook and me...not so much!  But it was a hit so I know I'll be making it again!  

Our little nephew was in town. We love when he's home so the kids can play. He is only about 4 months younger than B so they are fun to watch and are 2 of a kind!! I see some trouble in their future...

We also had our annual "friendsgiving" aka the SAT (Saturday after thanksgiving) party....which was turned into the FAT party (Friday after thanksgiving) party this year!  It was nice to have an adult night with our closest friends. 

Can you tell we had a selfie stick??!  We're so old and behind. But it was so fun!  Lol

While we had adult night the kids hung with their T. They had a camp out in the living room!! They had a blast!

Well I hope y'all enjoyed your break as much as we did. Real world begins in just 1 more day....

Until next time...

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