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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturdays at the Walkers

The weekends are pretty laid back around here since we've had kids. Before kids we were constantly on the go. Every weekend we had something going on, something to attend, or somewhere to be. Now days, it's totally different and I love it. I love not being busy all the time and I love just hanging out at the house. On Saturdays we watch cartoons, play games, and sometimes clean the house. The last one is not a fun one.....

Today is no different. We've been up for about an hour and haven't accomplished much at all!  But that's ok because it's Saturday and we have a LONG weekend!  Just perfect!

Tonight, we are going to a Grizz game!  We've been to several games and Ky has been to one. But B hasn't been yet and tonight will be his first time!  He's so excited!  I know he'll love it! 

We plan on going a little early and eating downtown. We're also hoping to see the Grizz band before the game! It's always fun to see and the kids love it!  

We are excited about the long weekend! 

How are you spending your weekend?


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