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Saturday, May 31, 2014

First Friday Favorite of the Summer (late)

#1 first things first, SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!!!

Nuff said!! :)

#2. My firsties did so well that all of them will be going to 2nd grade!! They are such smarties!! I will so miss them!!

#3. I got to spend Thursday and Friday with my babies! We really haven't done much because it's been raining, but we've enjoyed our time! (Rain, rain, go away....)

#4. We're leaving for Florida in one week!!!!!!

#5. I got my hair did today! No more dark roots! Lol

#6. Even though this was technically from last week, I'm going to post it with my favs! We went for our first swim of this summer last weekend at the Tillman's. We had so much fun! Playtime for the kids and adult convo for the big kids!! PERFECT day!!





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