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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rainy Day inside

For most of the day, it rained. So we were pretty much stuck inside. Me and Ky did sneak out for a bit while B napped. :)

Even with the funky weather, the kids were really good today. I think we only had one time out, one spanking, and one....maybe two, breakdowns/temper tantrums! That's pretty good for the Walker house!! :)

Ky got this Hello Kitty chia pet for Christmas like 2 Christmases ago and today we FINALLY did it!


It was fun! Ky loved it! I'm anxious to see if it really grows! If you know me, you know that I can't keep anything alive, so we will see.....



Let's hope something happens!!

The kids even let me fold and put up clothes today. I sorted them out and even put together some outfits for Florida! I try to make sure we all have at least 2 outfits per day, plus swim suits for each day, and a few extra outfits. Well, I'll be honest. I way over pack....every year! I can't help it. I start by counting and making sure we have enough for each day, then I end up just throwing cute things in. I also make a list...and check it twice....sometimes three times. I'm always scared I'll forget something, especially since I've had kids. Packing is so much harder with kids!!!! Or little ones, at least.

Anyway....while I was doing laundry, the kids made a tent. Did you do that when you were little? We did! All the time! It was so fun and even fun now! I may or may not have gotten in the tent today!


They put toys inside and even had snack in there!!


It kept them busy for quite awhile!
Win, win!!

Here's to tomorrow...

More summer fun with a play date!

Until then....

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