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Friday, July 18, 2014


I mean seriously!?? July is almost over and I'll be back at work soon.....

Wow time really does fly when you're having fun!!!

Last post, I talked about running. Me....running. That just makes me laugh! But really. I have actually kept it up and love it! I'm actually very proud of myself!


So some girls from work are into running 5K's and asked me to do one with them. I heard there was food and drinks after, so of course I was in! Ha!


This was my 2nd 5K, but my 1st to actually run! We had a blast!



Of course, We've been swimming anytime that we possibly can. Ky is getting better about moving away from the steps since she can now touch and she will actually doggy paddle and go under water! Way to go baby girl! Im not sure where she gets the scared of the water mess....



Now B, on the other hand, is not nervous at all. He will just dive right in! He will float around by himself (With swimmies, of course) and now is actually kicking and trying to move a little!



I would say both are fast improving and will be ready next summer!!

We're having weird weather for July right now...very upper 70's weird...

If you're from the South, you know why I used the word weird three times. Because the number 7 never comes in the tens place in July! Never.

So this week, we haven't been swimming, but we've been playing outside and enjoying the nice, WEIRD weather. :)





I'm loving this football like weather though!

Not to rush anything, but how many days til football season!???!



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