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Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Getaway

It was nothing fancy, but it was a getaway for us moms and dads....


Last weekend, we all floated down Current River and had a blast.

Nothing fancy or snazzy, but fun!


If you've never been to Current River, it's a river, with a current, that you can canoe down or float down....on a tube.

We floated on the tubes. It is the most lazy time ever! Until you get hung on a limb, branch, tree, whatever....but that's what the hubs is for! He had to untangle and pull us off several trees! But for the most part, you just float.


It was nice to get away for a weekend with just adults. I'm not sure I could go much longer without my babies, but I did enjoy my time. I knew the kids were in great hands with my mom, so no worries!


Oh and there's also a place where people jump off a small cliff into the water. I'm too chicken to do it, but several from our group did. Here is Shannon and Kim in action.


Of course, Shannon had to do a backflip!

Can't wait til next time!!


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