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Saturday, December 6, 2014


So the Walker's have started a new tradition......


A friendsgiving! {this was me....setting the timer and jumping into my took several shots before getting there and getting everyone in the pic!}

We had the inaugural event the Saturday after Thanksgiving.


{Excuse the blurry pics on some of these....ipads are awful!}

We had a BLAST!

Let's face it.....we're getting old and any time we get together, we have twenty kids running around and we're usually doing "kids" things.  It was nice to get the adults together for "adult convos"!  It will probably only happen once a year, so we made it the best!

Of course, the "old" friends were here and then some new ones were invited. Everyone got along and had the best time.  We even invited good ole dad!  He enjoyed the football game and had a blast laughing at the "Lauderdale County boys" and their CRAZY stories!!


It's always nice to have good food, good friends, and good conversation!


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