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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Another year in the books!

Yep...that's right!

Schools out!

This year was an awesome year! My girl was in first grade with me.

 My first grade team was awesome (as always).

 And my class was the best. Ever!

We all just had the perfect year.

Ky received the Honor Roll and Art awards at our Awards Day!  She was so excited!  


I think I can say that my princess is ready for 2nd grade!  That really doesn't seem possible though. She is growing up so fast!

So now we are ready to begin our summer!

We are starting it off with an ear infection and appointments! Boooo!

But once we get those out of the way, we plan on swimming, going to the park, cooking, taking some trips, a little softball, and much more!

I can't wait to hang with my kiddos this summer!  I ❤️ heart being a teacher!


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