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Thursday, June 11, 2015


We've had a good start to summer!


Except for the fact that my transmission went out in my ride......

But we do get to ride in the cool jeep....

Which my kids LOVE! It is pretty cool!!

B got a cool haircut!


Ky made Allstars!


We've had some fun in the sun!


And we finally visited the new Bass Pro!

It was pretty cool and the kids had a blast!  Although, we didn't ride the elevator to the top. I thought $25 for our fan was a little ridiculous....

The kids didn't complain. They were content looking at the fish, climbing in and out of boats, jumping on 4wheelers, and just shopping.


Oh.....I forgot to mention

  Trying out new guns.......

Not my idea.....totally their daddy!

So it's a good start to our summer.

How is yours going?

Xoxo- nw

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