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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Break Post #2 - The aftermath

Well looky there!  I actually made a post #2!  Go me! Lol

We are still enjoying our Christmas Break and we definitely enjoyed our Christmas!  

That's how I feel about now....

For those of you who don't know, we have a ginormous family so we have 182 stops to make each Christmas....which is fine with me. We get to see everyone!  Some we see all the time and others we just see on special holidays. 

We've had Christmas at Grannie's, G Daddy's, candle light at church, Grannie's again, Grandma's, and more today! We stay busy!  

This kids helped cook breakfast at my dads, aka G Daddy. They had a blast flipping pancakes!

Candle light is always nice. I love standing in the circle around the church and holding a candle while singing Silent Night. It's a great way to remember the REAL reason for the season and share it with the kids. I did not get a picture in fear that we may burn the place down!  Lol

We had to put out the reindeer food for Santa's reindeer, too!  We don't want them to be hungry while Santa gets all the treats!

Christmas morning was the best!!  We now can really enjoy it with both of the kids. B is old enough now where he really knows what's going on and Ky is always a joy! 

Santa left them a note that they could hold their elves Christmas Day!  He said that he gave Peyton, our TN elf, extra magic to give Snowbelle and Spider-Man when they were through loving them. And that would get them back to the North Pole!  They're gone this morning....thank goodness!!

Last night we had my mom's house, aka Grandma's. The kids got all kinds of stuff!  I would say they racked up for sure. I guess it's time to clean out closets and toys again!  

So I'm gonna get to cleaning. We have  family coming in a bit and my house is a disaster! 

Until next time.....

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